Where did you grow up?
Cologne, Germany, with Swiss roots.

What do you teach?
Operations and Supply Chain Management

Your favorite quote?
In my teaching:  All models are wrong but some are useful.  (George E. P. Box)

The book on your nightstand?
There are three at the moment: Capital in the 21 Century by Thomas Piketty (this is not a convenient lie …); The Truth about the Herry Quebert Affair by Joel Dickert; and Clash! by Hazel Rose Markus.

What is a valuable yet underrated business skill?
Hard thinking and political finesse.

What recent accomplishment makes you proud?  
Most recently the first gig with our (new) faculty rock band “Random Error.”

Where is your favorite spot in Madrid?
The rooftop terrace on the Hotel de las Letras.

How do you relax?
I close my eyes and hum.

Professor Daniel Corsten was interviewed and photographed by Kerry Parke (July 2014.)