Professor Ken Durbin


Where is your hometown?
Silver Spring, Maryland, USA.  So close to Washington, D.C. and, yet, so far from everywhere.

What is one of the most valuable yet underrated business skill?
The ability to see things from the perspective of each and every one of an organization’s stakeholders.

What book is on your nightstand?
Gabriel García Márquez’s El General en Su Laberinto. It’s the story of Simón Bolívar’s final journey after his dream of a united Latin America has collapsed. But it’s also a tale about the perils of leadership and the beauty of a purpose-driven life, even when one’s purposes are denied.

What do you teach?
Courses such as Business, Government and Society; Talent Management/Human Resource Management; Diversity 2.0; and Transforming Through Diversity in a variety of programs including the MBA, MIM, IE Brown Executive MBA and the Global Executive MBA.

And your favorite thing about teaching?
Supporting students as they question their assumptions and come to see the world in new ways, as both practitioners and citizens.

What do you wish someone had told you when you were in school?
Learn languages. Study statistics. Read history. And make sure you spend some time with people outside your comfort zone.

How do you relax?
Running, biking, swimming, playing the piano, reading novels, and staying up late with friends solving the world’s problems.

Your favorite spot in Madrid?
Templo de Debod at sunset for contemplation, Casa del Campo for a vigorous bike ride, and Calle Pez and the surrounding area for a drink.

Professor Ken Dubin was photographed by Kerry Parke at El Gran Café de Gijón in Madrid, Spain (April, 2013.)